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Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager, Kelices Handheld Body Back Massager for Athletes with LCD Touch Screen and 10 Massage Heads

Kelices Back Body Massager

About this Massager

  • 10 Massage Heads and Storage Case: The deep tissue massager includes 10 massage heads that allow you to reach every muscle, promoting circulation and spoil lactic acid. Plus, the set is equipped with a portable bag, you can relax your muscles anytime, anywhere.
  • Regulating Speed Levels and LCD Touch Screen: 30 Speed levels settings ranging from 1300 to 3,200 rpm meet different body parts needs, great for neck back arm leg muscle massage. Awake your whole body muscles, provide great deep tissue massage.
  • Long Battery Life: The muscle massage gun is equipped with a power adapter meaning it charges fast. The 2000mAH capacity battery means the high-torque motor in this gun massager can be continuously run for 4-6 hours, takes 1.5-2 hours to be fully charged.
  • Quiet Massage Gun: The Percussion massager is very quiet during working, only about 35- 50dB, Great for personal use as well as being one of the best massage devices for professional users, perfect for a physical therapist or chiropractor
  • Lightweight: Only 2.1 lb; Gross weight 4.2lb with portable carry case, you can take the massage gun in all places.

Product’s Features

Kelices Back Body Massager

Kelices Massage Gun Deep Tissue for Pain Relief

Kelices Massage gun can effectively relieve muscle fatigue and pain, promote blood circulation, relieve lactic acid, and let you enjoy a comfortable experience.

16MM Deep Tissue Massager

Deep tissue massage gun has an amplitude of 16mm, effectively comb the muscles and fascia, and wake up the body’s vitality.

Kelices Back Body Massager

Relieves Muscle Soreness

The massager gun work from 1400 to 3,200 rpm helps athletes, long-term volt caseworkers, office crowd, drivers, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and sports enthusiasts, etc.

Long Battery Life & Anti-slip Silicone Grip

Built-in with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Each full charge can support up to 6-12 hours of massage, boosting your workouts throughout the week.

Back Massager

The massager gun is suitable for neck and pain back.

Back Massager for Back Pain

The massage gun deep tissue percussion muscle massager for pain relief

Muscle Massager

The muscle massage gun can effectively help relieve tight muscles.

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Cryotex Massage Gun – Body Back Massager & Neck Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Massager

Cryotex Back Body Massager

About this item

  • DEEP MUSCLE RELAXATION: CRYOTEX Massage Gun can intensely relieve the body’s pain through deep and powerful muscle massage after exercise. Handheld Massage Gun for Athletes helps restore the body faster, promote muscle repair, promote blood flow and relieve lactic acid. It can also be used to prepare the body during the warm-up before exercise.
  • Six MASSAGE HEADS & 20 SPEED LEVELS: Comes with six different heads to provide targeted treatment for every muscle group. Different massage heads and speed levels provide a relaxing massage for every muscle’s need. It reduces bone and muscle damage that might occur in one-level intensity massage guns used for sensitive muscles. Our percussion massager is equipped with an LCD touch screen and automatically turns off function with nonuse.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & CARRYING CASE INCLUDED: Only 2 lbs, ergonomic, and easy to use. Its compact size and case make it easy to carry to use at work, gym, and other places wherever you go.
  • POWERFUL & VERY QUIET: Enjoy your deep tissue massage gun and repair your muscles in a relaxing silence. Cryotex Massage Gun is developed with low noise motor. With 45 dB noise reduction technology and a high-torque motor, a professional deep tissue massager has 20 adjustable speed settings delivering up to 3,200 percussions per minute.
  • LONG WORKING TIME: The Cryotex cordless massager is equipped with a 2600mAh high-quality lithium-ion battery, providing 6 hours of battery life after fully charged. Cryotex has stable force till the end of the charge. The body massager has an LED battery indicator so you don’t have to worry about power outages.

Product’s Features

Cryotex Back Body Massager

  • Cryotex percussion massager is a handheld device that applies concentrated pressure into muscle tissues. Deep tissue massage can reduce muscle tension while improving blood flow and quickly offers long-term relief by reducing pain.
  • Take care of yourself with a Cryotex Massager. Deep muscle relaxation provides reduced stress and body-wide better-relaxed feeling which increases life quality.
  • Cryotex Back Body Massager
  • Powerful percussion as 45 LBS stall force, super quiet design, long-lasting battery, lightweight product design, anti-slip material, 6 swappable heads, 3200 percussions per minute, high torque brushless motor are the perfect quality combination for our happier customer family.
  • Cryotex Back Body Massager
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Entesi Massage Gun Body Back Massager Gun Percussive Muscle Massager for Workout Home Office, Cost-Effective Quiet Handheld Recovery Tool for Pain Relief

Entesi Back Body Massager

About this Product

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Entesi massage gun can help muscle recover faster, reduce muscle pain, muscle fatigue, and lactic acid build-up, encourage blood flow, improve range of motion and flexibility, help with muscle stiffness, and more. Make your life better.
  • EIGHT MASSAGE HEADS: 8 massage heads are suitable for different parts of the body and can meet different needs. Massage heads in different shapes can be used on different muscle groups and provide targeted therapy for fast recovery.
  • SIX SPEEDS: Entesi 3 massage gun comes with 6 built-in speeds, whether you’re treating sensitive areas or need the full power of the device, it can be controlled to select any speed between our scientifically calibrated 1900-2800 RPM.
  • LITHIUM-ION BATTERY AND TYPE-C CHARGE: Entesi 3 offers one of the biggest leaps in the battery life, with an internal lithium-ion battery with 120 minutes of continuous use. Type-c charging ports can be charged to 5V/2A adapter or power bank, providing greater portability. Any regular phone adapters will be able to charge the massage gun without a problem.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN & GIFT IDEA: Entesi massage gun with carrying case, easy to carry anywhere, and easy to pack into any gym bag in the home gym office. It’s also a great gift idea. Get a great gift for yourself, your friends & families right now.

Product’s Features

Entesi Back Body Massager


Entesi 3 massage gun comes with 6 built-in speeds, whether you’re treating sensitive areas or need the full power of the device, it can be controlled to select any speed between our scientifically calibrated 1900-2800 RPM.


Entesi 3 offers one of the biggest leaps in battery life, with an internal lithium-ion battery with 120 minutes of continuous use. Type-c charging ports can be charged to 5V/2A adapter or power bank, providing greater portability. Any regular phone adapters will be able to charge the massage gun without a problem.


The handle is covered with a skin-friendly coating which gives you a baby’s skin touch. It is ergonomically and easy-hold designed thence actively reducing strain on your hands, wrists, and arms.

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Athphy Massage Gun Deep Tissue with Percussion Memory, Whisper Quiet, HD Touch Screen, Handheld Muscle Body Back Massager for Athletes Back Neck Foot Pain Relief

Athphy Back Body Massager

About this Product

  • Powerful Massage & 16mm Deep Percussion: The massage guns are equipped with a powerful high-torque all-copper brushless DC motor, which gives our massagers ultra lower working noise and longer service life than the normal models. It has a high amplitude of 16mm to deep soft tissue, it can much effectively relieve our body soreness, joint pain and promote blood flow.
  • User Habit Memory & HD LCD Touch Screen: Like your health manager, the massager records a precise number of each hit and use records, displayed on a full-color high definition LCD touch screen, you can freely choose the history records that suits you, make your massaging more joyful and easier.
  • Scientific & Practical 6 Speeds & 6 Heads: Based on the best beneficial vibration frequency ranges to our body muscles and avoid the harm ranges, we set 6 Scientific speeds against those too much need to be setting, it’s much more friendly to minimalist and elders. Packed 6 human-body feeling professional heads to 100% recovery full-body, simple and easy to choose against those too many unpractical heads.
  • Over-Use Protection & Ultra-Long lasting Battery: The percussive massage gun applies the newest ATHPHY 2.0 AI Chip to provide safe power and whisper-quiet working noise(30-50db), continuous of using 10 minutes will automatically shut down to avoid overusing, it’s many benefits to the sleepyhead and elders.Built-in 2500mAh fast rechargeable lithium battery, long standby up to 5-8 hours.
  • Easy Carrying Case & Worry-free Warranty: Portable massage gun comes with an ON-THE-GO carrying case for any time and anywhere relaxation. We offer a 12-Month warranty and lifetime technical support, we promise that any defects to our massagers in-warranty period, please feel free to contact us all hours.

Product’s Features

Athphy Back Body Massager

Safety & Scientific & Humanized Frequency Levels Design

We researched out the best beneficial frequency ranges to our body muscles and avoided the harm ranges, set 6 humanized speed/frequency levels against those too many levels need to be selected, more friendly to minimalist and elders.


Percussion Count & HD LCD Touch Screen

The massager records the precise number of each hit and saves your usage habits for the next use preset, displayed on a full-color HD LCD touch screen, you can choose the history records that suit you as you are willing.

Extra-Long Battery Life & Fast Charging

Athphy Back Body Massager

ATHPHY muscle massage gun applies premium-quality lithium batteries. A full charge takes about 3 hours and can be used for about 8 hours (depending on the speed). One full charge can provide 2 weeks of power for your exercise.

Multifunctional & Professional Massage Heads

Massage gun comes with 6 professional kinds of massage heads to meet all your needs. You can massage your neck, lower and upper back, shoulder, lumbar, waist, leg, etc. ergonomic grip design, effectively relieve your fatigue and soreness and relax muscle stiffness.

Athphy Back Body Massager

16mm Deep Tissue Massage

Different from the ordinary short amplitude massage guns, our deep tissue massage gun has a long amplitude of 16mm, allowing the percussion to deeply penetration into the soft tissue.

ATHPHY 2.0 AI Safety Chip

The massage gun comes with the latest ATHPHY 2.0 AI chip, provides continuous safe and stable power, and gives you a wonderful massage experience.

Ergonomic Anti-slip Handle

Made of healthy skin-imitation material, comfortable and easy gripping, make your massaging easy and joyful. You can hold the massage gun firmly even if it runs the highest speed level.

Noise Reduction

The fascia gun adopts our latest noise reduction that works smoothly with low noise as low as 30dB, ensures no disturbance to others when using it at home or office.

All-copper Brushless DC Motor

Our massage guns are equipped with new generation high-torque brushless DC motors, 6-speed levels with 1500 – 3200 RPM, lower heat generation, and lower working noise, Let you fully enjoy your massage time. Buy Now

Body Back Massager Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager, EISTAKAO Hand Held Deep Tissue Massage, Massage Gun for Athletes Deep Tissue with 4 Massage Heads and 4 Adjustable Speed

EISTAKAO Back Body Massager

About this Product

Super Long Standby And Fast Charging: The 2600mAh capacity battery means this fascia gun can be used continuously for 3 hours, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the fascia gun comes with 1A/19V adapter, which means it can be charged quickly. Using intelligent chip control, continue to use after 10 minutes to stop, avoid the same part of the massage for too long, to protect human health.

Portable And Easy To Hold: piano paint finish, all in one, silicone slip-resistant, this ergonomic 100.5-degree tilt handle is better than most vertical handles on the market. Massage your back and blind area more easily. And to prevent hand slippage, each fascia gun comes with a suitcase that you can use at home, in the office, and at the gym.

Ultra Silent Massage Tool: This fascia gun adopts the latest noise reduction technology. It is very quiet when hitting the massage device, only about 25-55DB, and enjoy a pleasant massage experience.

Four Adjustable Speed Adjustment And Four Removable Massage Heads: Easy to use, provide 4 adjustable speed adjustments up to 2400rpm, quickly beat the muscle pain caused by exercise, effectively relax fascia, relieve the burden of muscle pain caused by exercise. There are 4 massage heads to choose from, to meet the needs of different muscles, removable massage heads, easy to install and clean.

What you Can Get: 1 Massage Gun, 4 massage heads, Instruction manual and 1 carrying case, the product comes with one-year warranty service, we take our customers very seriously if you encounter any problems in use, please feel free to contact us, we will solve your problem within 24 hours.

Product Features

EISTAKAO Back Body Massager

Why choose EISTAKAO massage gun?

EISTAKAO Back Body Massager

  • Re-energize yourself through long hours at work, relax your body after hard work.
  • Perfect travel companion and gift option for anyone.
  • Gently improve circulation for the elderly, effectively recover body from pain and soreness after sport.
  • Relieve muscle fatigue: relieve sedentary, exercise-induced muscle tension, fatigue.
  • Decompose muscle ache: keep fit, massage deeply after exercise to quickly activate the muscle.
  • Promote muscle repair: improve muscle coordination, help to create the ideal line of arms and legs.
  • Deep relaxation fascia: accelerate the recovery of Muscle Energy, improve the performance of the movement.
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