Best Body Massager Buying guide

When we are dealing with daily body stress, a body massager helps us a lot. Many times, our muscles stretch during a workout. While it pains a lot, the best body massager will help to relieve the pain.

You can go to a massage center to have a professional massage. However, many people don’t prefer to go there. While it costs a lot to visit each time you need a massage, you may not find one open at midnight or early in the morning.

In this case, it is always better to have the best body massager with you at home. You have to learn first how to use it for the best results. Once you learn to use it, you are ready to use it and relieve your body pains using it.

If you are in a hurry, you will be happy to know the best one at a glance. Hence, I will recommend you two out of the last that will work best in most cases.

PURE WAVE CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion Massager is my overall best pick for you. It works best for full body massage and comes with vibrating features. When in use, the massager won’t heat fast. So, you can keep using it for long. The rechargeable battery means that you will never worry about attaching cords.

If you are tight on budget and want an excellent massager at a reasonable price, buy from Wahl. WAHL Deep Tissue Massager is the best of its kind. At the same time, it costs less. So, you can easily buy one for you.

These were the two quick options based on quality and price. So, let us now move towards detailed reviews of our best body massager list.

1.    PURE WAVE CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion Massager

This is the best body massager from our list. A lot of therapists and trainers recommend it to their patients and customers. This massager by PADO is the number one choice of almost everyone. What makes it the best one? Let us see.

Dual motor

The best feature of this motor is that it features a dual motor. It can do double percussion as well as vibration. So, the massager will break up knots as well as help to relax muscle spasms.

Easy reach

People buy a massager so they can use it alone. Thus, it is very critical to have an easy to reach design in your massager. PADO knows it and came up with an ergonomic design. It will allow the massager to reach to even difficult areas on your back.


This massager is a one for all-purpose massager. It will help you in managing the pain and dissolve it in trickier areas. At the same time, it will help to increase blood circulation in all parts of the body. If there is muscles stretch, the massager will allow you to recover at a faster pace. It gives you a powerful deep tissue massage to allow your muscles to calm down. Hence, you can use it for any purpose.

Micro vibration

Many people love its micro vibration motor. For the face, you need a very smooth vibration. It not only gives you relaxing soothe but also makes sure that the face remains safe. The micro-movements of this massager will do the same job in the best way.


A massager has to be light in weight, so it is easy to carry. At the same time, it must be powerful. So, it could resist any tensions put upon it. PADO made the massager from the best quality materials. They kept the weight as low as just 3.2 pounds. You can carry the massager with a lot of ease during a massage.


  • Full body massager
  • Doesn’t heat up
  • Works with a battery


  • Not work when plugged in.

Should you buy it?

This massager by PADO is one of the best when it comes to quality. No one can beat them in terms of ease of use. However, you can use it only when it is charged already. So, after 1-2 years of use, once your battery weakens, you will face problems in using it. Apart from the battery, this one is the best body massager.

2.    RESTECK Massager for Neck and Back with Heat

After PADO, this one from RESTECK is my second best pick. You should go for this one if you need a specified massager for neck and back. For those that love a massager with heat, there is no better choice than RESTECK. So, let us explore what this massager is offering us.


If you ever feel tight, tense muscles, or not feeling comfortable because of back pains, buy this. RESTECK made this one as the best remedy for back and neck. It comes with heat functions that you can level as per your need. Once you receive optimal level heat, the massager will auto-shut. This makes it durable so that you can use it for long.

Deep Kneading

This massager comes with 3D kneading nodes. It will make you feel like a professional massager is working on your back and neck. You can anytime customize the direction, speed, and heat of the massager. This makes it the best massager for your deep tissue massage.


If you love to travel, then you should be happy because the design supports moving. RESTECK designed it in a portable manner and gave you a reliable bag to keep your massager. So, if you are traveling, camping, resting, picnic, or any outdoor activity, your massager will remain with you.

Use it on any part.

RESTECK made this massager, especially for back and neck. However, you can use it on any body part. It is very long yet not bulky. So, it will work correctly on the whole body. Be it legs, glutes, calves, feet, arms, or neck and back, the massager will work in the best way to relieve pain.

Easy control

The ideal thing about this massager is that it is very easy to control. It comes with a four-button control system. As a result, you can simply tune it to your best settings and start using it. The two smart loops are here to add extra comfort when you don’t want to use hands.


  • Best for neck and back
  • Kneading massage
  • It uses heat for massage.
  • Will work power on, even in-car adapter.


  • A bit painful if not used properly.

Should you buy it?

This is my best pick if you need a massager that works with heat. RESTECK gave you all features that you will love. Although it works best for neck and back but will work on all body parts. However, use it with care, or you will hurt your muscles.

3.    Core Products PRO-3401 Jeanie Rub Speed Massager

Many people love a massager that rubs body tissues. It gives them a pleasant effect and relives their stress. If you are among them, buy our best pick in this category from “Core Products.” The massager will make sure to give you a professional quality massage.


Every person has different speed choices based on the type of massage they are seeking for. You may often need to change the massager speed to fit it as per your needs. There is a simple twist switch in this massager. Just twist the switch to regulate the pace between 1100 to 4600 rpm.


This massager works in orbital action. It will allow your body to have the most pleasant effect. When you set the speed at low, the massager will give you the soothing effect. On the other hand, the fast pace is there to provide you with the energy you need.


Even the best machine is useless if it doesn’t last long. “Core Products” knows it. So, they made this massager from cast aluminum. After that, they gave cast powder finishing to the product. Now, not only it looks good, but it also remains durable enough so you can use it for years to come.

Professional quality

This massager is of the best quality, and the top professional massagers use it. If you need one for yourself, you may need to take help from a friend is using it. It is convenient, and professionals love to use it.


The weight of the massager plays a vital role in telling you the type of use. Light massagers are for self-use, while you need the help of another person to use heavy ones. This massager weighs around 6.7 pounds. This makes it heavy enough for you. So, you need the help of another person to use it.


  • Full body massager
  • Very durable
  • Variable speeds


  • Not for personal use

Should you buy it?

This massager from Core Products is one of the best ones when it comes to quality. However, you need the help of 2nd person to use it. If you are looking for a self-use massager, drop it. If you are ok with it, then this one is the best in terms of quality.

4.    ZYLLION Shiatsu Back Neck Massager

This one from ZYLLION among the best body massager for self-use. It comes with all the features and the simple look. It has the look of a pillow that makes it very easy to use. Let us see the other elements of this product.

Relieves sore muscles

ZYLLION made this massager as the best one to relieve sore muscles. If your muscles are tight or you are feeling tired, then you should buy it. It comes with an advanced heating feature to relax your sore muscles. You can turn on and off the advanced heating options with ease.

Versatile design

This massager by ZYLLION has a very versatile and ergonomic design. It allows the massager to fit anywhere with a lot of ease. Be it neck or other parts of the body; the massager will fit and start working. Its best design allows the massager to work best for back, abdomen, calf, and thighs.

Plug and use

The massager will work only when you plug into the power socket. Since there is no battery in the massager, you don’t need to worry about battery problems. The battery of even the best massagers starts to drop after a year. With no battery, this best massager from ZYLLION will work for long years.

Safe to use

This is a full-body massager. It works on kneading features and heats to relieves pain. At times it overheats, then it becomes risky for your body. However, the massager comes with auto-shutoff features. If the massager exceeds the safe heating level, it will shut off auto. Thus, it ensures your safety.


Even the best product may occur problems. This is where the warranty saves you. ZYLLION is a reliable seller, and people love it because of the quality of service it provides. When you purchase the massager, you have a ninety-day window. If you want to return your product during this time, you are free to do so. ZYLLION will not ask any questions and return your product. They will even pay the shipping cost. So, you are free to return.


  • Best customer support
  • Ergonomic design
  • Plug and use
  • Full body massager


  • Use it in with care to avoid a break.

Should you buy it?

You should buy this one if you need the best body massager that works as a plug and play. It is perfect in design and will work for a lot of works. The massager works with heat. If you have sore muscles, you must buy it.

5.    NURSAL Back & Neck Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion

This massager from NURSAL is a massage seat cushion to give you a kneading massage. The item works with vibrations to relieve stress from your muscles. It works best on your back and neck.


This massager works in both directions to relieve all your back and neck pain. It has deep-kneading rolling nodes, so it relieves your neck muscles. It comes with a heating function too. You can turn it on and off as per your need. When turned on, it will soothe your neck muscles and help you to relax them.

Rolling and hip massage

This massager from NURSAL comes with rolling nodes. These are eight different nodes that go up and down to give your neck the best relaxation. You can adjust them as per your need. On the other hand, it has three different levels of vibrations in the hip position too. Select between low, medium, or high to get the best hip massage.

Unique design

This massager comes with a unique design. It takes the shape of the seat, so you just need to sit on it to get the best features. It will fit perfectly on your body.

Safe to use

The massager uses heating functions to relax your body muscles. Since it works on heating function, if it overheats, it will become dangerous. NURSAL knows this fact. So, they programmed the massager with auto features. After 15 minutes of use, it will shut off auto to protect you from overheating.

3D rotating balls

The massager features 3D rotating balls. They will rotate and penetrate the force deep inside your muscles. Thus, it will give you the same relief as you get from massager’s hands. It comes with an adapter. So, you can use it anytime in your car or home.


  • Best hip massage
  • Relieves back tissues
  • Safe to use
  • Perfect design


  • It may be painful for some users.
  • Not for full body

Should you buy it?

If you need a massager that takes the shape of a chair and performs its job, you must buy this. NURSAL made this one last for long and relieved your back and hip tissues. However, you must make sure to use it with proper instructions. If not followed, you might end up with a painful experience.

6.    HOMEDICS Percussion Action Massager with Heat

This one is the best heat massager with two heads. The two heads will make sure that you get as much relief as possible. This massager by HOMEDICS will work best on back, shoulders, neck, thighs, and feet.


This is a single person who uses massager. When you are buying a self-use massager, weight plays an important role. It enables you to use the massager on your own without exerting much force. This one weighs just 2.5 pounds. Thus, it will be very easy for you to carry this simple home-use massager.


With less weight, ease in use is not the only benefit that you get. At the same time, to carry the massager with you is very easy. If you love traveling, this feature will prove very helpful for you. When using it, the massager had a rubber handle. This handle will improve your grip on the item so that you can use it better.

Heat feature

The massager works with an optional heat feature. It has a deep kneading, so you can easily hold the massager in hand and work. The heat makes sure to penetrate your body muscles and soothe them in return.

Dual heads

What separates this massager from others is its dual pivoting head feature. This enables the massager to make as much as 3100 pulses per minute. You can select among four different massage speeds. Each of them will make sure you get a gentle massage.

Easy to use

People use massager because they avoid going to a massage spa. So, they love an easy to use massager that they can use in the home. HOMEDICS know this, so they came up with this model that is super easy to use.

It comes with a power button that will turn the massager on. If you want to adjust the speed, keep pressing the same power button until your desired speed reach. There is a separate button for heat. Hence, press it only when you need the heat function. Press it again when you are finished using the heat feature. Thus, you will find this massager very simple and easy to use.


  • Very light in weight
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful massager


  • Plastic body, not durable.

Should you buy it?

This one is very easy to afford, a basic massager for your home needs. It comes with all the features of a heavy massager but is very light in weight. The only problem is its plastic body. So, it is exposed to damage if you mishandle it. Use the massager with care, and it will work best for a longer time.

7.    SNAILAX Massage Mat with Heat/Memory Foam

We love to relax and go through a massage. This is the same reason why many people like to visit a professional massage center. So, if you also love to lay down and enjoy a massage, buy this massage mat from SNAILAX. It comes with a lot of features to relieve your pain and give you soothing relief.

Vibration massager

This massage mat works best as a vibrator. It will relieve pain by soothing all your tensed muscles. Please avoid buying it you are looking for a deep kneading massager. You can use different modes on this massager to make your body feel relaxed.

Ten vibration motors

This one is a full-body massager that comes with ten motors. They will gently massage your body and give you a soothing effect. It works best on back, shoulder, calf, and lumbar area to provide quick relief from stress, tension, and pain.

Heating pad

You can also use this mat as a heating pad. It has two heating pads to make it easy for you. When on heating mode, the massager will warm your body and give the best soothing effect. Since overheat is not suitable for body heat, it comes with safety features. In the case of overheat, the system will auto-shutoff. Thus, it ensures your safety.

Custom massage

You can use this massage mat from SNAILAX for a custom massage. You can use the massager on your shoulders, back, lumbar, and thighs. It comes with five different modes that will allow you even to use all these modes at the same time. You can also select between three different intensity for vibrations.

Flexible use

The massage mat is very flexible. You can use it anywhere you like. Use it on the bed, sofa, ground, or wherever you want. You can even fold it to fit the space.


  • Works on vibration
  • Safe heating massage
  • Flexible use massage


  • Not a deep kneading massager.

Should you buy it?

I think you should buy this massager if you love to receive a massage while lying down. You will not only find rest but receive your massage at the same time. However, if you need a deep kneading massage, then you should avoid buying this one.

8.    RENPHO Rechargeable Handheld Deep Tissue Massager

Many people love simple, easy to use, and easy to afford massagers. If you want a small, self-use massager, buy this one from RENPHO. It is a rechargeable massager and is a low-cost solution to all your massage needs.

Deep tissue massager

If you need the best deep tissue massager, that too at a low cost, you should buy this one from RENPHO. It is for your whole body and works best on feet, calf, neck, back, and legs. If you want an excellent deep tissue massage, go for it.

Powerful motor

The massager is only low in cost but is very powerful. It gives you up to 3600 pulses per minute with its powerful motor. If your massager is overheating, RENPHO has a solution for this too. The massager comes with programmed features to shutoff the item after twenty mins of use. Hence, you will remain safe.

Flexible to use

This is a handheld massager from RENPHO. Since it is cordless, you need to charge it first before use. Being cordless means that you can use it with a lot of ease. You can change the head attachments with five different options that come with your package. As a result, you are ready for any type of use.


The weight of the item matters a lot when it is a self-use massager. It allows you to carry the massager with ease if it is light. This massager from RENPHO weighs just 1.76 pounds. As a result, you can quickly move it all over your body.


You can use the massager after you finish charging the battery. Once you charge it entirely, you can use it for 140 minutes that is more than two hours of use. However, the unit will shut off after you use it continuously for 20 minutes. RENPHO recommends that you let the unit cool down before you restart using it.

Easy to use

The massager comes with a simple panel that consists of just four buttons. One of them is the power button to on/off the system. The other one is to select the modes of the massager. While the middle two buttons are to choose between speeds. This simple panel allows you to use it with a lot of ease.


  • Easy to use, easy panel
  • Flexible operations
  • Large battery
  • Powerful motor, light in weight.


  • Battery issues

Should you buy it?

If you need a simple massager with all the perfect options, you must buy from RENPHO. With over 10K purchases on Amazon, it is the most trusted massager. Easy to use, robust, and reliable. Some people have battery issues, but a backup battery will sort it too. I will rate it the best handheld massager.

9.    Thumper Sport Handheld Electric Massager

This one is even better sports use the handheld massager for you. It is among Amazon’s best choice products. However, it costs a lot more than RENPHO massager. So, if you are looking for even the best features, let us explore this one from THUMPER.

Deep tissue massage

This massager comes with two heads. Both heads will make sure that you receive the intense deep tissue massage that you need. Since it is made for sportsmen, it gives you an even powerful massage that you need.

Variable speeds

This massager gives you as much control as you need. You can control the speed as per your need. At best, it comes with a “True Speed” feedback system. This feedback system will make sure that your device doesn’t stall when at low speed.

Easy to reach

The best feature in a handheld massager is that it must come with a long handle. Hence, it should reach easily to all parts. THUMPER knows it, and they featured a long ergonomic handle. This long handle will make sure that your massager reach to all parts of your body, including back.

Best for sportsmen

The massager features a proven drive system. It will make sure that you receive the comfort that you need. As a result, this massager by THUMPER is best for sportsmen.


The massager comes with a long handle, so it is not as light as the previous one. The material is also very perfect. However, the 3 pounds weight is enough for a person to handle.


  • Deep tissue massage
  • A lot of speed options
  • Long handle, easy to reach
  • Light in weight massager


  • They won’t return in case of any issue.

Should you buy it?

I think this massager from THUMPER is best for sportsmen. It has all the features to make it the ideal for all. The long handle will allow you to reach the massager at all parts. It features the best material so that you can use it for a long time. Some people expect it to deliver even better. But at present, it works well for many players.

10.                Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

This massager from WAHL is another easy to afford massager on our list. It is a deep tissue massager that you can use a handheld. It has a classic tilt design that will allow massager to reach even at extreme body parts.

Easy to afford

Many people avoid massagers because they think that they are hard to afford. However, this massager from WAHL costs less than 50 bucks. You can easily afford this classic and best function handheld massager.

Variable speeds

You need to shift between speeds during the massage as per your needs. A low rate allows you to have a gentle massage. On the other hand, you prefer a fast pace for an intense massage. This reduces the pain that is caused when you are playing extreme sports. WAHL knows this fact. So, they allow you to select among different speeds in this massager.

Diverse heads

Different massage heads serve you different functions. At times, you may need one, and at other times you may have different needs. WAHL knows it and comes with four different heads that will work best for all types of use. Flat disc, 4-finger flex, acupoint head, and deep muscle ball is there.

User friendly

WAHL made this one of the most user-friendly massagers. It has a sleek and long handle that tilts at the front. As a result, you can easily handle it and reach all parts of the body. The massager works perfectly on the back, neck, legs, feet, shoulders, and other body parts.

Long power cable

This massager is for plug and use. As a result, you need a long cable to work best. WAHL knows it, so they came with a 9 feet long power cable. Thus, you can easily reach the massager to all parts of the body and use it with ease.


The best handheld massagers are easy to handle. Lightweight is a must to have feature for all handheld massagers. For this purpose, this massager from WAHL weighs just 1.6 pounds. As a result, you can use it with a lot of ease.


  • Easy to use, perfect design
  • Long power cable
  • Easy to afford
  • Four different massage heads


  • A bit challenging to fix attachments.

Should you buy it?

If you need the best massager in the price that is easy to afford, you should look forward to buying it. This one matches the pricy models in quality but is easy to afford. As a result, it will be your best pick.

11.                DOWIN Massage Gun for Athletes

This is the best massager for athletes that have extreme massage needs. It comes with 20 different speeds. The massager will work best to give you the deep tissue massage that you need as an athlete. It is very portable, so you can easily carry it with you anywhere. Let us have a look at its top features.

Deep tissue massage

This massager from DOWIN comes with a 55 mm large massage motor. It will go straight into the deep fascia of your muscles. You can control the motor with a lot of ease. As a result, you will get the best deep tissue massage that you need.

Variable speeds

You can adjust the speeds of this massager with a lot of ease. It comes with 20 different speed controls. You can set them between 1200 to 3200 strokes per minute. You can even target your massage at different body parts. Thus, different speeds will make it easy for every part to adjust for massage.

Different massage heads

Every muscle is of different shape and requires a different type of massage. DOWIN knows it, so they included six different massage heads with it. You can use any of them when you need to have the best massage for the time.

Fast charging

This massager is especially for athletes. DOWIN knows that athletes have severe massager needs. Thus, the massager should be ready anytime for them. For the same reason, it features a large 2400 mAh battery. The battery charges fast, and you can use it for 4 to 6 hours with a single charge.

Very powerful

Athletes need a massager that can deliver the power that they need. For the same purpose, this one from DOWIN is very powerful. At its peak speed, it will provide as much as 3200 strokes per minute. Thus, it will relieve all of your muscles and make you ready to play again.


  • Easy to control through a digital screen
  • 20 adjustable speeds
  • Fast charging and large battery
  • Powerful motor


  • Overuse will lead to pain.
  • Athletes need an even larger battery.

Should you buy it?

This one is my best pick for athletes. As an athlete, you need a massager that is very powerful and, at the same time, safe. The fast charging of this battery means that it will be ready anytime for use. Six different massage heads will allow you to use it as per your need.

12.                NAIPO Handheld Dual-Node Percussion Massager

Last but not least. This one is a dual-head massager that will work best for a lot of people. Its best feature is its anti-slip feature. You can handle it with a lot of ease. You can change the nodes at any time or use the heating feature. As a result, it will be your best massager.

Powerful motor

This massager from NAIPO comes with a potent motor. It will give you as much as 3400 pulses per minute. Moreover, it is a dual-head massager. This makes it the best massager for extreme use.

Custom attachments

Custom heads help you a lot in selecting the way you want to massage. The more is better. Although it may seem not enough, this massager comes with three different attachments. You can select among them to get the right type of massage that you need.

Variable speeds

You may need fast speed at one time and slower speed at another time. NAIPO knows it, so they came with two variable rates for your massager. To relieve tense muscles, select the high speed. On the other hand, low select speed for relaxing massage.

Heating option

Apart from the powerful motor, you can also use this massager for heated massage. Select the round shape nodes for heating massage. They will serve best and will provide more relaxation to your muscles.


When it comes to handheld massagers, the lighter is better. NAIPO knows it, so they went with the massager that only weighs 1 pound. This allows you to move it over your body with a lot of ease.

Quiet massager

The best massager works quietly. So, it will not hurt your ears when in use. This massager from NAIPO makes noise lower than 40 dBA. So, you will love how quietly it operates.


  • Powerful motor with two different speeds.
  • Three different custom heads
  • Heating massage options for best relief.
  • Light in weight and quiet.


  • Only two variable speeds
  • Just three attachments are available.

Should you buy it?

This massager from NAIPO is among the easiest to afford massager. You can use this massager in a lot of options and use it to relieve stress. If you need the best massager that too at an affordable price, buy this one.

Buying Guide for Best Body Massager

There are a lot of things to consider when you are buying the best body massager. If you know your needs, you will buy the best one. Otherwise, you will end up buying a massager that will not meet your needs. So, here are some factors that matter the most when you are buying the best body massager.

Parts of body

Important thing first. The first thing that you should look before buying massager is to look for what body parts it works best. While some massagers are specific for some parts, others come for the whole body. Hence, you must know your need and buy a massager according to the need.

Type of massage

There are many kinds of massage, and each of them has its pros and cons. Some of them are Shiatsu, Kneading, and Vibration. Make sure the type of massage that you need. In case, ask the doctor as he may guide you in a better way. For each class, we have different massagers.

Power source

When you are using the best body massager, the power source plays a critical role. For instance, they come in two broad types i.e., battery operated and corded. You can even use some of them from a car adapter. So, you must know about your need and buy the best one that meets your requirement.


Without a doubt, metal massagers are more durable than plastic ones. You should note that they cost more. So, if you are short of budget, go for a plastic massager. In this case, it will save you money. However, for more durability, prefer a metal massager.


The power of your massager also plays a critical role in selection. More powerful models are for athletes and sportsmen. They need the best body massager that will work ideally over extreme use. Moreover, they need the massager to relieve pains and sore muscles.

If you need a massager for home use, you can even buy regular power massager. Select the best power massager as per your need.

Speed options

Massagers usually come with variable speeds. As a result, they have speed levels in them. As a rule, the more levels are better. They allow you to select the best speed in each case.

There are other options too. However, these were the main points to consider before buying the best body massager.


What is the best body massager?

The Pure Wave CM-07 massager from PADO is the best body massager. It comes with all the features that you need. When it comes to price, I will go for WAHL deep tissue massager.

Are vibrating massagers good for you?

The vibration massagers work best for a lot of jobs. In case of weakness, soreness, or other diseases, vibrating massagers prove helpful.

Are home massagers good for you?

A home massager proves very helpful if you need it 24/7. They are easy to use, easy to afford and work best in the long-term.

How many times a day can you use a foot massager?

You can use a foot massager for a lot of times in a day. There is no limit to it. However, we will recommend you not to use it in the same place for more than 15 minutes.

What is the most potent back massager?

DOWIN massage gun is the most potent back massager. It comes with the best design and long handle, ideal for back massage.

How long should you use a massager?

You can use the massager for as long as you want until it remains cold. When it gets hot, allow it to cool and restart using it. On the same spot, don’t use it for more than 15 minutes.

Can vibration reduce belly fat?

No, they don’t reduce belly fat. They are just to relieve muscle pain.

Is vibration bad for your body?

Short-term vibrations are not bad for your body. However, you must avoid exposing your body to vibrations over a long time.

Are massagers worth it?

If you need to massage quite often, then it is good to buy one for you. The reason is that the massage spa is costly for repeated use.

Final thoughts

A massager worked best when you had to reduce stress and muscle tension. They come in a lot of types. Some of them are handheld, others come in the form of a mat, while some of them even happen in the way of chairs. You had to select which one do you need.

There are a lot of features that you need to look in the best body massager. They come in a lot of designs, shapes, speeds, power, weight, and operations. Select the best one among them, and you will love it. I mentioned the best feature of every product to make selection easy for you.